Release the Records is campaigning for the release of Irish adoption records concerning those who suffered illegal adoption at the hands of the Irish State.

On February 19, 2013, An Taoiseach Enda Kenny issued a state apology to those who survived Ireland’s Magdalene Laundries. However, he has not apologised for the suffering imposed on women who were sent to live in Ireland’s Mother and Baby homes.

The facilities mainly housed women and girls who became pregnant and were without a husband. After the women had their babies, many were taken from them by religious orders and put up for adoption against their will.

Mr Kenny has not publicly acknowledged this crime and many are yet to receive justice. The adoption records associated with illegal adoption have remained sealed, meaning those who were affected by this cannot locate their family members.

In Ireland people who are adopted have no right to information regarding their adoption, nor do they have access to documents such as birth certificates. Access to these are a basic human right. 

Release the Records is therefore calling on the Irish government to make these adoption records available to those they concern, and cease violating human rights.

You can join us in raising awareness of this issue by tweeting the hashtag #ReleaseTheRecords with your views, or tweeting us at @IrishAdoption

To read more on Ireland’s Mother and Baby homes, just follow this link. For information on the Adoption Rights Alliance organisation, click here.

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