New Legislation “Must Take Into Account Privacy of Mother”

New legislation to assist the tracing of birth parents by adopted children must take into account the “strong constitutional” right to privacy of the birth mother, the Minister for Children has said.

Frances Fitzgerald stressed: “I will be bound and am bound . . . to provide for a balancing between the strong constitutional provision relating to privacy and the right to identity.” The Minister was responding to Independent TD Clare Daily, who told Ms Fitzgerald that she appeared to be prioritising the rights of birth parents “way above the rights of children to their identity.” 

However, Ms Fitzgerald told the Dail that the initial outline of the new Adoption (Information and Tracing) Bill was “close to completion”, in which the proposition would be to provide “as much information as possible.”


Information provided by the Irish Times. You can read the full story here.


Minister Fitzgerald launching the EPIC National Advocacy Service on 7th May 2013. Source: Department of Children/Flickr

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