The Philomena Project


The Philomena Project is a fund to provide finance to Adoption Rights Alliance to achieve its goals.

The Six Goals

1. Raising public awareness in Ireland and abroad on the issue of forced illegal adoptions in Ireland and the denial of access to birth certificates.

2. Launch of petition and donation page to get support for the project.

3. Continue to expand the ongoing research the Project is doing.

4. Provide support to the families looking trace relatives.

5. Adoption Rights Alliance needs a legal team to challenge the 1998 Supreme Court ruling.

6. Most important goal: the release of records and the reunification of families.

To read more about it, go to The Philomena Project and don’t forget to sign the petition!! For information on Adoption Rights Alliance, please click here.

Philomena Lee to be honoured by Feminist Majority Foundation

On May 5, Philomena Lee will head to Los Angeles to receive the Eleanor Roosevelt Award from women’s right group, Feminist Majority Foundation.

The 80-year old receives the award for her bravery. The ceremony is chaired by Jay Leno and his wife, Mavis.

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Irish Minister Accused of Blocking Access to Secret Adoption Records

The Minister for Children and Youth has announced that she “absolutely rejects” the proposition that she is proactively trying to block access to adoption records dating back to the 1950s. In an emailed statement by her department, Frances Fitzgerald categorically denied any attempts to block information legislation.

The Minister said she was in fact working on legislation that would allow people to trace and access their birth records. The system was originally intended for 2013 but is now expected to be unveiled sometime later this year.

However Ms Fitzgerald said the largest obstacle in the new system’s implementation is the matter of confidentiality.

“There are legal and constitutional difficulties in retrospectively overturning considerations of confidentiality other than on the basis of consent,” she said.

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